Superyacht Chef Career Course

This 20 day Superyacht Chef Career course has been designed for those pursuing the role of chef or cook on Superyachts.


Course Description

This career course starts with a 5-day Culinary course which teaches students the basic principles of how to operation in a galley. The course includes detailed training from basic preparation skills to how to prepare a 3-course meal for guests on a sailing vessel.

The course is structured into specific modules to teach cooks and yacht chefs the fundamentals, practical knowledge and know-how to start their culinary journey at sea, using delicious and interesting recipes to build confidence in any galley.

During the last day of the course, you’ll receive first-hand experience on how to prepare a 3-course meal on a sailing vessel in the V&A waterfront. This is followed by the STCW course (Standards of Training for Crew and Watch), where students learn basic first aid, fire fighting and life-raft training and safety awareness.

In the final week students will participate in an exciting 2-day Power Boat course Level 1 & 2 on one of our 3 Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). This Power Boat course is now a prerequisite for most crew if they want to handle the yachts tender. Students will then spend 1 day in the classroom earning their RYA VHF radio licence.

*RYA Competent Crew – The competent crew course is your introduction to sailing. What is great about this course is it wont limit you to working on motor yachts. You will also be able to work on catamarans and sailing yachts. You will learn the nautical terminology necessary to work on the yachts. You also get insight into the living arrangements and the teamwork that is entailed.

Our Superyacht Culinary course takes ordinary people with basic kitchen skills and turns them into sous chef material within a week. Although students need not be qualified chefs to do the course, they should know the basics of cooking and food prep and should be reasonably proficient in the kitchen.

Foundation Superyacht Culinary training.

This section is a two-week long and ideal for yacht crew or stewardesses who have decided to up their game and become yacht chefs.

Advanced Superyacht Culinary training.

This section is for qualified chefs who require additional plating, presentation and planning skills for superyachts and require SAMSA or MCA certification. This course is a week long and is combined with the second part of the basic Superyacht Culinary training course.



  • Culinary Course 5 days
  • PB2 2 days
  • SRC/VHF 1 day
  • STCW 10 – 11 days
  • RYA Competent Crew
  • Competent Crew 5 days

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