Riding the Crest of The Superyacht Career Wave

An increased demand for Superyacht crew is currently dominant, offering exceptional opportunities for suitable applicants. Read more about the unique opportunities that this career provides.

Only two careers in life marry a blend of adventure, fun, and excitement while seeing the world and still getting paid. The one is aircrew who travel the globe, arriving at destinations where they generally feel jet lagged and need to catch up on sleep. Time is often limited, and while they land at many destinations, they do not always get the opportunity to see as much as they would like. Catching up on sleep is a priority; they are back on board after a day or two.

Then there is the Superyacht crew. Both careers are off terra firma, and while involving some serious physical challenging work, the element of excitement and adventure represents a lifetime opportunity.

For nature lovers who love being outdoors and especially riding the crest of the wave, this is a career that offers a unique and sensational opportunity.

Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and being party to their lifestyle is something significantly different from what any other career offers.

The demand for Superyacht crew around the world is rising exponentially. Such high demand for crew staff aboard superyachts is indicative of growth in the industry.

As the Superyacht industry grows exponentially, so too do employment opportunities.


The Demand For Superyacht Crew

According to Boat International Magazine, journalists and skilled reporters in the industry, BV Raphaél Montigneaux, and Nicholas Robinson, have reported fascinating and unexpected facts from extensive research.

While the world came to a grinding halt during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Superyacht industry remained unaffected. On the contrary, it reflected positive growth supported by the following statistics:

Demand was increased, and stocks that shrugged off the pandemic quite swiftly to shipyards witnessed buyers record the third year of consistent order books to imposed restrictions throughout the world, indicating growth.

The idea of being outdoors in the fresh air, on the ocean, and isolated from crowded spaces certainly made excellent sense and did not pose a threat of infection. Once the pod of people was together, the risks were almost non-existent.

The 2022 record buyers saw superyachts as private and thus unaffected by Covid. This resulted in an impressive 1024 projects in build or on order, an increase of 24,7 % on the previous year’s 821 projects.

Consequently, the last custom hulls saw more than forty-kilometer superyachts quickly sold in 2020. The launches followed such statistics in 2022 and planned ones for 2026 due to the availability of production slots and have resulted in an unprecedented demand for shipyards. This presented challenges for discussions with builders, dealers, and brokers as buyers wanted to find semi-custom projects available for the fourth quarter of 2020, proving a pivotal turning point for purchases before 2024.

The same pattern for demand remains to fulfill the industry, with orders surging from this period.

The industry is sitting with the problem of increased smaller custom production with longer delays before deliveries.

To support the above information, evidence is presented of:

  • Superyacht builds on order
  • Total Gross Tonnage of Superyachts under construction
  • Total Number of Superyacht on order
  • A table of growth from 2007 – 2022
  • The number of Superyacht Yards under construction currently active around the world
  • Total length, in meters of Superyachts on order or under construction

With such accurate reported construction statistics from reliable sources, it is evident that job opportunities will be far more prolific and in demand.

This is directly opposite to what the global markets reflect throughout most industries.

The above scenario depicts that that industry is one of the few that have shown growth over the global recession. While this is exceptionally positive, it calls for demand for employment. Creating positive opportunities, superyacht owners must ensure that such staff is well trained, competent, and of the caliber appropriate to the lifestyle and affluence of the owner and his guests.

    The Necessary Attributes of Superyacht Staff

    • Staff needs to be appropriately suited to the auspiciousness of this career.
    • This encompasses people who take pride in their image, health, and wellness and are suitably fit.
    • People who are well-spoken and educated.
    • People who enjoy people.
    • Those who will behave appropriately, knowing their social boundaries with impeccable manners and well-polished.
    • People who work well in a team can communicate, problem solve, and resolve matters politely. Those who can live together and share space uninterruptedly are in each other’s company. The job involves interacting with and being part of a team.
    • People who do not shirk responsibility but willingly pitch in to assist.
    • Those who are alert with an eye for detail. For example, topping up drinks without guests requesting the service.
    • Honesty, reliability, sound character, and an amenable personality.
    • A quick thinking, problem solver who is mature and thinks clearly.
    • The ability to swim and have sound sea legs.

    Careers in the Luxury Superyacht Industry

    Yacht Stewardess Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town
    Yacht Stewardess Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town

    Superyacht Stewardess work as Interior Crew

    If you are 100 percent confident that you want a crew job in the superyacht industry, then you need to consider training. There are two essentials: Set Sail to a New Career and travel the World with Ocean Star Academy at The V & A Waterfront Cape Town, South Africa. It is mandatory to undertake a comprehensive world-class course to enhance your chances of being hired as an entry-level stewardess and will, of course, boost your confidence.

    As the ocean is to be respected, any staff who enlists for a position on a Superyacht must be adequately prepared to manage the required duties aboard the yacht. Furthermore, the staff must be well trained in managing the owner and the guests. Deservedly, they have elevated expectations and expect the staff to operate all aspects of the job with seamless precision.

    This is a position to be taken seriously. It is not for an untrained person who envisages themselves tanning aboard and lapping up the luxury without this being a committed job. It requires one to always be on hand for the owner and his guests, meeting their needs to enhance their luxury and enjoyment. Irrespective of their requests, be it ironing of underwear, the steward/ess is always to oblige willingly.

    View our Superyacht Stewardess Course Packages

    Yacht Deckhand Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town
    Deckhand Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town

    Superyacht Deckhand Crew

    The exact expectations and requirements are relevant to Deck Hands, except that they are responsible for maintaining the Superyacht’s pristine condition and the accompanying toys that are brought on board.

    Remember that this is a luxury home/hotel on water. While staff who work in hotels are not on holiday, neither are the staff onboard the Superyacht unless they are given time off. They are then to be discerning about respecting the guests’ space onboard.

    The environment and ambiance may lend itself to all-day and all-night partying. However, the staff is on board to serve and not to overstep the boundaries of partaking as guests and socialising or mingling with the guests, irrespective of whether they are celebrities or not. They are individuals with private lives, and the staff is onboard to offer top-quality service. This career is extremely service oriented, and whatever the client may request needs to be made possible.

    If you are young, adventurous, and full of energy, this may be the career that you may wish to consider. As a bonus, you will have the opportunity of living the good life in the lap of luxury. Can you imagine doing that while traveling the world and earning Euros, Dollars, or Pounds?

    This dream career as a Yacht Deckhand can become a reality by enrolling in a world-class Ocean Star Sailing Academy course. The RYA and SAS Training Centre fully accredit this course and Academy.

    For some yacht steward/esses, the job represents a long-term career path where they can work up to chief steward/ess status and remain in the industry for 10 or 20 years. With such high-paying salaries for top-quality chief stewards, who can blame them?

    This is also an industry that tips well, over, and above paying well.

    Some may decide they want to work in a different capacity onboard, going on to culinary school to become yacht chefs, while others even get their Captain’s license. The world is your oyster when choosing this lifestyle and career.

    Besides Steward/esses and Deck Hand jobs, the career scope on board is much broader.

    Captains, Chefs, Engineers, First, Second and Third Officers, and Skippers are all part of the team that has an essential role to play. The crew size generally depends upon the size of the yacht.

    View our Superyacht Deckhand Career Packages

    Gain Skills for a Bright Future

    Unlike most industries and how the financial impact has affected careers and businesses globally, superyacht crew jobs abound right now! Due to the pandemic, significant crews must fill all positions onboard. This is especially true of the need for an American crew.

    Working on yachts is one of the greatest work experiences imaginable for a young person. Getting well paid to travel the world and meet all kinds of fascinating people is undoubtedly a significant diversification from most office-bound jobs. Especially that time off allows you to explore so many different places; it is a most enticing and exciting career.

    Working on a Superyacht requires skills and attaining these stands one in good stead for future careers should one wish to work on land. Such skills include host/hostessing responsibilities, household management tasks, and elements of providing overall guest care.

    It opens doors to the diverse hospitality industry. Work and life experiences as varied as what this type of job offers make one highly marketable to a plethora of other jobs. Being service oriented with a pleasant personality and a team worker opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. Thus, the training that one acquires by enrolling at Ocean Star Sailing Academy provides a profound and solid foundation for those who may wish to change their careers in the future.